A fully circular economy by 2050. That’s a big topic these days. But what does it actually mean? A circular economy is about a society in which as many sustainable renewable resources as possible are used, products and raw materials are reused and where there is hardly any waste. Companies play an important role in achieving this goal. Of course, we at Almacon want to take our responsibility. That is why we put sustainable business high on the map. There are a number of measures we have implemented to achieve this:

  • New gas-free office building
  • As many as 144 solar panels
  • Two electric charging stations

Discover our gasless office building

In 2020, we moved our company to a newly built office building. This office is completely gasless. As a result, we no longer need to use natural gas for heating, cooling and other energy needs. Instead, we use sustainable alternatives such as a heat pump, solar energy and electric heating systems.


As many as 144 solar panels

One of the ways we promote this sustainability is by using solar panels. We recently had as many as 144 solar panels installed on Almacon’s roof. Use of solar panels offers benefits both to us and to the environment:

  1. Reducing CO2 emissions and reducing our carbon footprint. Thus, we can contribute to reducing climate change.
  2. Renewable energy source: Solar panels use solar energy, an inexhaustible and renewable energy source. Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite and will eventually run out, solar panels can generate energy continuously as long as the sun shines.
  3. Long-term cost savings. Of course, the investment cost of purchasing solar panels is initially high. But in the long run, it leads to significant cost savings.
  4. Expressing our social responsibility. We want to show that the subject of sustainability plays a major role in our ompany activities.

Plug in and charge: two electric charging stations

We offer our employees and visitors the opportunity to charge their electric car at our office. The benefits of this are, of course, well known. We save on fuel costs, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the cars emit less CO2. In short, only benefits for us as a company and for the economy.

The step to big

Our solar panels were supplied by the esteemed provider Rexel, in close collaboration with 3-Fasen Elektrotechniek. Discover here how this collaborative project was meticulously and expertly executed

More information

Would you like more information about our sustainability measures? Or would you like to know more about our products? Then contact one of our engineers. We will be happy to talk with you.


“We literally put our customers on a higher platform”


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