Stepovers and catladders

Accessibility is often an important theme in logistics environments and production areas. With our stepover, catladders and ramps, we always offer the right solution.


In logistic environments and production areas it is often a hustle and bustle: roller conveyors are located in all kinds of places and the accessibility of the different places is often problematic. In order to easily “cross” a conveyor, Almacon supplies custom-made stepovers: small stairs on either side of the conveyor with or without an interconnection.


We also design custom-made cage ladders (also known as cat ladders) for locations at heights that cannot be reached by stairs due to a lack of space.

In some cases it is desirable to make the cage ladder removable, foldable or movable. Of course, this is not a problem.


Sometimes ramps are also required in a production or logistics environment. Almacon can supply these in the desired width, length and inclination angle. In wood or grid and provided with a transition profile.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for Stepovers and Catladders.

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