Our engineers know the needs and challenges of our customers very well. That is why we think it is so important to supply products that meet the customer’s situation and wishes. By experimenting, it is possible to gain new ideas, resulting in the development of a unique and valuable product. We experiment in our Experience Center in Bleiswijk. But product development also takes place at the drawing board. An example of such an innovation is our renewed pallet gate.

Pallet gate

A pallet gate can be used to open and close an unloading area on a mezzanine floor. The pallet gate is designed to flip up easily so that the opening in the mezzanine floor becomes accessible. This type of gate is often used in warehouses, storage areas and other industrial applications where goods are stored by forklift on a mezzanine. After the goods have been placed on the pallet storage area, the pallet gate can be rotated to safely close the mezzanine floor again. This prevents people or objects from falling down.

Product development

Research shows that our customers mainly need a competitively priced pallet gate with simple (quick) assembly. In this way, time can be saved in the construction process and therefore costs are reduced. But of course this should not be at the expense of safety. With this knowledge we started drawing and testing. In the end, with a few (minor) modifications, we designed a pallet gate that meets that need. What benefits have come from our innovation?

Key benefits of the new design pallet gate

• Easier assembly because the side rails are attached on the column as standard.
• The standard attachment of the side rails creates a more stable connection to the floor.
• Fewer welded parts, making the pallet gate cheaper.
• Because the gate is better balanced, it is finer to use.
• Faster delivery because we are going to work with large stock.

Standard size

Our new pallet gate is available in the following standard size, the width of which is variable.

Maximum height pallet gate (mm) Available pallet height (mm)
  2339 2144

Because we will soon have the standard size in stock, the pallet gate is not only cheaper, but you are also assured of a short delivery time. We can supply the pallet gate in any desired color at no extra cost. The bending work is supplied pre-galvanised.

Our pallet gates fit in perfectly with the new and existing handrails, so that they also deliver a beautiful visual result.

More information about our new pallet gate

Would you like more information about our renewed pallet gate? Please contact one of our engineers. We like to think along with you!


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