Mobile Storage Systems

Mobile archive shelving
The standard solution for efficiently classifying archive rooms consists of mobile archive shelving. Systems with mobile filing cabinets, in which the aisle is variable. The load on such a system is often very high: there is only one narrow aisle surrounded by racks full of paper. A considerable weight!

A very strong and rigid surface is required to install these systems optimally. The Almacon engineers have good solutions for this too, and they also meet the very strict deflection requirements for such systems.

Painting racking
In art depots, paintings are usually hung on special systems that allow efficient and accessible storage. These painting racks should be mounted as rigidly and stable as possible.

The construction height in such spaces is often limited, so that hot-rolled profiles often fit better in the design. These hot-rolled profiles can be supplied in parts and spliced to lengths, which simplifies the issue of delivery.

The use of materials takes into account that the material is “light” enough to be built manually or with hoists in an existing situation.

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