In 2020, we as a company took an important step on the path of sustainability by moving to an entirely new office building. This office is completely free of natural gas. This change is an important step in our pursuit of a more environmentally friendly way of working. By no longer using natural gas, we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels for heating, cooling and operating appliances and machinery.

Heat pump

Central to our energy supply is the installation of a heat pump system. A heat pump efficiently uses outside air or ground heat to heat the building in winter and cool it in summer. This method of heating is not only environmentally friendly, but also reduces our energy costs in the long run.

Solar panels

We also invested in solar energy by installing as many as 144 solar panels on the roof of our office. These panels provide us with green electricity and help reduce our carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. The electricity generated will be used for general power supply, including the electric heating system we use to heat our premises. Of course, the investment cost of purchasing solar panels and a heat pump is initially high. But in the long run, it leads to significant cost savings. Read more about the use of solar panels here.

Plug in and charge: two electric charging stations

We offer our employees and visitors the opportunity to charge their electric car at our office. The benefits of this are of course well known. We save on fuel costs, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the cars emit less CO2. In short, only benefits for us as a company and for the economy.

Sustainable future for everybody

The move to a gasless office building helps us work more sustainably. It highlights our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. We strive for a greener and sustainable future for all.