Corporate Social Responsibility

With Almacon we want to profile ourselves as an innovative social organization. The ‘People’ theme in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) therefore fits very well with our identity. In the coming years we want to expand this theme in various ways: starting with the Correctbook.


Correctbook is an award-winning social enterprise that fights illiteracy through an erasable notebook. There are about 800 million people over the age of 15 worldwide who cannot read and write. In addition, some 250 million children go to school every day without a pen and paper.

This notebook makes writing accessible to everyone in the world. With the purchase of a Correctbook, one child in a developing area can use this erasable writing material for three months. In addition, the Correctbook is a sustainable solution for wasting paper.

Please help and request a free copy

Does this project appeal to you? Request a free Correctbook here and help us in the fight against illiteracy.