Single Deck Mezzanine

The most basic version of our Mezzanine. But basic does not automatically mean average!

This single self-supporting construction can be equipped with stairs, railing and a pallet handling system. When the Mezzanine is used as a platform to walk on, the standard load is 250 kg/m².

A higher load of 500 kg/m² or 1000 kg/m² is also possible for floors with conveyor belts, roller conveyors or automatic transport systems.This type of platform is then specifically designed for these loads.

The steel construction can be finished in different ways. Generally this consists of chipboard floor panels but there are also other options such as grating, delignit or concrete.

Almacon always advises the most suitable combination between the steel construction and the floor finish. We take the best option into account for point loads and stability.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for an All-Deck Single floor.

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