With Almacon, we are leaders in designing mezzanines characterized by their long spans. But what does  “long spans” actually mean? Spans refers to the distance between the supporting columns at ground level. These columns are crucial for supporting the floor above.

A standard span usually ranges between 5 and 8 meters of space between the columns. For long spans, this spacing is larger: approximately between 9 and 15 meters. This means fewer columns are needed, leaving much more usable space on the first floor. 

“Our team of structural engineers has over 25 years of experience in the accurate design of such mezzanines. With Almacon, we are pride on using our knowledge and expertise to very accurately design these long-span mezzanine floors, where figuratively speaking, ‘The sky is the limit”


Why do customers choose long spans

  • More space
    The larger distance between the columns at ground level creates much more space under the mezzanine. This extra space can be used for more movement space for shipping, for example.
  • More efficient business process
    It frequently happens that a primary business process requires space on the first floor for execution of business activities. A secondary process such as raw material supply, storage, assembly material and return processing then takes place on the upper floor itself.

Example of a more efficient business process

A company wants to speed up the overall production process. Therefore, the production machines are placed on the first floor, while the upper floor is reserved for secondary activities, such as raw materials storage. This workflow ensures optimal and fast cooperation between business processes.

Types of steel profiles for long spans

When designing and constructing a long spans floor, there are two options in terms of steel use: cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel is formed from strip material. It is a light profile that gets its strength through forming. Hot rolled steel is liquid steel that is cast through a mold to get the desired shape. The strength of these profiles is created by dimensions and the amount of steel used during the manufacturing process.

Almacon works with hot rolled profiles

Almacon prefers to work with hot-rolled steel in projects with large spans because of the strength and flexibility it offers. Our suppliers have the most advanced machinery with which the high-quality, hot-rolled steel is produced. Choosing from a wide range of types of hot rolled beams is a major advantage. Our engineers can therefore determine very accurately, where, which beam can be applied. In addition, hot-rolled profiles can reach a maximum thickness of 1,000 mm, whereas this is at a maximum of 500 mm for cold-rolled profiles.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, there are a number of other benefits to using hot rolled sections in our projects:

  • Processing details
    We can process detailed modifications, such as reinforcing key points of the steel, for example by adding baffles. We can also make cutouts for things like installing a sprinkler system.
  • Custom color
    We can apply any RAL color to the hot-rolled beams, allowing them to match the design and environment of the project.
  • Cost savings
    Using hot-rolled beams can be cost-saving because reinforcement of the sections is only needed at specific points in the structure. This allows us to use materials more efficiently and thus save costs.
  • Always available
    Hot-rolled sections are always available. This gives continuity to the entire project.
  • Faster construction
    Projects can be completed faster thanks to the shorter assembly time required. With hot-rolled sections, only one main beam is needed instead of two, as when cold-rolled sections are used. In addition, the connections to the columns are simpler and therefore faster to assemble.

“Our ultimate goal is to develop the best possible structure with the least amount of steel”

Efficient digital production

Our engineers design the 3D drawing of the mezzanine. This drawing, once approved by the customer, is sent directly digitally to production. There are no additional steps between design and production. This allows us to continuously guarantee fast delivery, while minimizing the risk of mistakes.

The key to a successful project is cooperation with our customer

Obtaining accurate information from the customer is necessary for the success of the project. For example, we discuss the type floor, usually a concrete floor, that must support the entire structure. This information and the type of storage must be correctly translated into the mezzanine design. Close cooperation with our customers, sharing this information, is therefore crucial for a successful project.


What are the possibilities for you?

Would you like to receive advice from us about your specific storage situation? Perhaps a floor with a large span is also efficient in your situation. We like to think along with you. Please contact us for advice or a customized quotation. Call number     +31 (0) 79 361 06 63


“We literally put our customers on a higher platform”