Mezzanine combined with robotics: new challenges

As a specialist in mezzanine floors, we have noticed that in recent years our customers demand has changed. At first, requests were mainly for mezzanine floors where automated systems such as cranes and forklifts could be used. Now we see an increasing demand for mezzanines suitable for robotization. One example is the driving of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) across a mezzanine floor.

Different approach

The use of these robotics requires an entirely different design approach to our mezzanine floors. Where previously the emphasis was on supporting traditional systems, the demand now focuses on creating mezzanines suitable for robotics. This brings technical challenges as clients have specific requirements for things such as:

  • The integration of roller tracks
  • The movement frequencies of robots
  • The positioning of support columns

This requires from us not only technical insight but also creativity. Our task is to design a safe and efficient floor that meets all these requirements.


During the design phase, our engineers use their expertise to find the best balance between deflection, floor load and column spacing. An optimal distribution of the columns (column grid) in combination with the support beams ensures a stable support of the mezzanine. Of course, this takes into account the client’s specific requirements in terms of robotization. This creates an effective and efficient construction that meets the required safety standards.

Cooperation with client

An effective cooperation between our engineers and clients is crucial to the successful completion of a project with robotization. In this regard, our engineers possess a high degree of flexibility and creativity. In addition effective communication between the engineer and client essential to meet changing customer requirements and minimize the margin of error.

Reliability due to advanced software

In such a project with a strong focus on robotization, our customer frequently works with multiple suppliers. As a result, it sometimes happens that we have to make changes at an advanced stage of the design, while the deadline for delivery remains unchanged. In many cases, our engineers are able to respond to these changes, thanks in part to the use of advanced software. This software converts the mezzanine design into 3D models, after which these models are in turn converted into reliable production files and assembly drawings. As a result, we are able to significantly reduce error margins and the reliabilityof mezzanine delivery to increase. 

“Effective cooperation between our engineers and clients is crucial to the successful completion of a project with robotization”

Smooth project delivery

Clear assembly drawings allow us to streamline construction on site. Beams and columns have markings that can be found on the drawings. The order of construction, especially on larger projects, is coordinated in advance so that the materials arrive only when we need them for assembly. The advantage of this is that we need less space on site to store materials, which leads to efficient assembly and smooth project delivery.

Almacon continues to evolve

Our focus on robotisation and automation keeps us at the forefront in the development of mezzanine solutions combined with robotics. We continuously strive for innovation, safety and efficiency. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you with our approach? Or would you like to know more about our products? Then contactone of our engineers. We are happy to talk to you.


“We literally put our customers on a higher platform”


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