Fire-resistant staircases and mezzanine

Recently we were able to deliver a nice project at a large e-commerce reseller. It concerned storage of clothing for the international webshop. The current storage option was no longer sufficient, so expansion was desirable.

What was delivered?

What we have delivered is a three-layer storey floor with a fire-resistant staircases. What exactly does that mean? The customer wanted to have a three-storey floor (mezzanine) installed, but the height of the building was limited. That is why we have worked with profile type C-200. This profile type is slim with sufficient capacity. Thanks to our engineering and choice for the right profiles in the height of the beams, we were able to realize a third floor.

This increased the storage space from 8,000m2 to no less than 24,000m2!

Fire safety requirement

There was a fire safety requirement of 30 minutes on the staircases for the use of the escape route. We have achieved this by providing the standalone staircases with fire-resistant cladding. Entirely supplied and installed by Almacon.


  • Mezzanine 3 floors with fire-resistant staircases
  • Cold rolled system version
  • Profile type C-200.
  • Screed 38 mm chipboard
  • Area > 24,000 m²
  • Column grid adapted to concrete floor
  • Stairwells fitted with fire-resistant cladding for 30 minutes

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“We literally put our customers on a higher platform”

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